Board Goals

2016-2017 Board of Education Goals

Iroquois County CUSD #9

The Board of Education will work to learn more about Common Core Standards and current assessment practices, and educate stakeholders as the Board of Education deems necessary.

The Board of Education will work collaboratively with the administration to strive to ensure students are receiving state standards of physical activity.

Iroquois County CUSD #9 will develop a committee of stakeholders that meet to focus on the creation of a technology plan (K-12) that incorporates technology and technology skills into the curriculum.

Iroquois County CUSD #9 will continue to initiate conversations with local stakeholders, and surrounding communities focused on an educational partnership.


Iroquois County CUSD 9

1411 W. Lafayette Street

Watseka, IL 60970

Phone 815-432-4931 – Fax 815-432-6889

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